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About Us

About Me

Born in the jaw-droppingly beautiful and now increasingly discovered country of Pakistan, I was raised in the United Kingdom where I qualified as a Dental Surgeon almost a decade ago. I very quickly went from capturing patient portraits to realising some of the greatest joys in my life were actually derived from being out in the wild and being able to capture the breath-taking moments offered up by nature every day that we are willing to appreciate it.

With an adventurous spirit instilled in me since childhood and a camera in hand, I have been fortunate enough to dedicate the majority of my time in recent years to broadening my horizons. From deep sea-diving, through to soaring through the sky, either with a parachute attached, or a whole Cessna rattling around me there’s been no end of discoveries in this planet we call home. With this year having seen me visit every continent in the world, I am left in complete and utter awe of nature’s ability to instil in us peace like very little else does. In an effort to showcase this planet’s offerings, I hope you can find within these carefully curated captures something which helps you resonate with nature’s overwhelming ability to impress.